Twitter Lead Generation Card Integration

Reference Number: AA-01265

Twitter recently announced a new way for advertisers to promote their business on Twitter. A Lead Gen Card is a type of promoted tweet for Twitter advertisers. The Lead Gen Card allows anyone on Twitter to easily sign up for your deals and promotions without the need to fill out a web form.

When someone expands this type of promoted tweet, they will see an image, description, and a call to action. The form in the expanded tweet is pre-filled, making it simple for followers to share their contact details with you. When they click the call to action button, their name, email and Twitter username will be sent directly (and securely) to Infusionsoft.

Below I’ve outlined the steps to set up a lead generation nurture campaign in Infusionsoft and create the Lead Generation Card in Twitter.

Create Your Twitter Lead Gen Campaign

  1. In the Campaign Builder, expand the Goals menu in the toolbar.

  2. Drag and drop the Accept Twitter Offer goal onto the Campaign Builder canvas.

  3. Double-click the goal.

  4. Click the Copy button to copy the URL to your clipboard.

  5. Sign in to your Twitter Ads account and paste the URL in the field shown below during the Lead Gen card setup. You will also insert a Fallback URL (a landing page people go to when they use a non-supported platform), a link to your privacy policy, and you will need to change the HTTP Method to POST.


    Make sure to change the HTTP method to POST as shown below:

  6. Change the goal status from Draft to Ready.

  7. Publish your changes.

Now, when someone submits their information through the Twitter Lead Gen Card, a contact record will be automatically created in Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft will store their name (no real name policy, so this may or may not reflect their actual name), as well as their Twitter handle and email address.

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