How do I create an order automatically? (Legacy)

Reference Number: AA-00835
You can use the Create an Order Action as part of a one-click upsell process or to make a renewal order process more efficient. This action only works when there is already a credit card associated with the person record - you can only use it with someone who just purchased through an order form, or with customers who have purchased via credit card in the past. Note: If you use PayPal to collect the payment, the credit card is not on file. If you use a merchant account, it is.

The create an order action is most commonly used with web forms or automation links, but can be attached to any trigger. This article uses a web form as the example trigger. Before you use this action, you must have a pay plan created to associate with it. The pay plan can charge the full amount in one charge, or divide the charges into more than one installment.

The Create An Order Action

  1. Select Create An Order from the action dropdown.

  2. Select a product bundle from the dropdown or click on Save this Action so you can customize the product(s) for the order.

  3. Type the product or subscription name in the search field to find the matching product record then click on it to select it. Click on   to add it to the action. Repeat the process to add more products.

  4. Select a Pay Plan from the dropdown. This is required for auto charging the order. At minimum, you need a 1 payment pay plan that will charge the full amount of the order in one auto charge.

  5. Mark the check boxes next to the order settings you want enabled for this action.
    • Auto Charge this order: Mark this to automatically bill the most recent credit card on file the next time the auto-charges run, usually within an hour of the order.
    • Charge sales tax for this order: Mark this to charge sales tax according to the tax percentages you have configured in your Order Settings.
    • Email the invoice to the customer upon successful payment: Mark this to send the customer an order confirmation, as if the order was placed through the shopping cart.
    • Set sale affiliate equal to lead affiliate: Mark this to give the lead affiliate credit for the sale affiliate commissions.
    • Only run this action when certain rules are met: Use this option to assign a conditional if/then rule to this action. If you use this, the action will only run if the customer meets specific criteria.
  6.  the action.
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