Apply or remove tags from a contact

Reference Number: AA-00337
Tags are labels that are applied to contact records to help you search for specific groups or people and segment them into various lists. Tags are often applied automatically as a person interacts with your company (i.e. filling out a web form, clicking on an automation link, etc.). You are also able to manually apply tags to a contact record based on your personal interactions with them.

To Manually Apply a Tag to a Contact Record:

  1. Go to the contact record.

  2. Click on the Tag tab in the top row of tabs. From here, you can manage the contact's tags.

    • Apply an existing tag: Select a tag from a drop-down and click on the Apply this Tag button.

    • Add a new tag: If you don't see the tag you need, click on the Create a new Tag button (if your user permissions allow).

    • Remove a tag: Click on the "x" to remove a tag from a contact record.

  3. Click on the Save button to apply your changes..

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